Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber - Stuck with U (Lyric Video)
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SB Projects along with longtime clients Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber release “Stuck with U” to benefit First Responders Children’s Foundation:
In response to the COVID-19 crisis and to help further bolster relief efforts, all net proceeds from the streams and sales of “Stuck with U” will be donated to First Responders Children’s Foundation to fund grants and scholarships for children of healthcare workers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, police officers and firefighters serving at the front lines during the global pandemic.
That means that by listening, watching, and sharing - you are helping to support families in need. If you would like to make an additional contribution to First Responders Children's Foundation, click the donate button.
Created By: Katia Temkin
Artwork by: Liana Finck
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Music video by Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber performing Stuck with U (Lyric Video). © 2020 Silent Records Ventures, LLC, Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., and Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • *dips fries in chocolate*
    *dips fries in chocolate*

    Ariana got a stuck wii u 😳

  • Liz Garcia
    Liz Garcia

    I like this song so much I can’t stop listening to it I like this song so much I can’t stop listening to it

  • Petrona Hinds
    Petrona Hinds

    Justin I hate you

  • Petrona Hinds
    Petrona Hinds

    Justin I hate you

  • Erika Viana
    Erika Viana

    perfeitos ????

  • Shania Fournillier
    Shania Fournillier

    this song gives me wedding vibes


    NEW SONG :

  • Sara of Isla
    Sara of Isla

    *wig: snatched* *this song: a bop* *quarantine: saved* i made a cover of this song, would love for you to check it out if you have a spare minute! 💛

  • Lexi Vaganos
    Lexi Vaganos

    Cody Lavaas does a really really nice cover of this song --> I've honestly been listening to it just as much as the original Biebs & Ari version. Everyone's gotta check it out!

  • bird nest
    bird nest

    I wish I could stuck with ari

  • Mikayla Ruiz
    Mikayla Ruiz



    Hey I just joined, and I have nothing to do youtube vids with, It will look sloppy, and I don't have enough subscribers to look like the cool people. Could someone help me?

  • Анелия Варадинова
    Анелия Варадинова

    This song is now number one, but I think "Blinding Lights" It's better

  • Louise Artemis
    Louise Artemis

    Justiiiiiiinnnn 😭💜

  • Wet sock
    Wet sock

    this is so boring...she definetly bought her streams 😍🙈

  • Maverick Niñeza
    Maverick Niñeza

    My girlfriend and I are going to do a cover of this song while we're on our respective houses. I hope it'll go well.

  • Taia Balashvili
    Taia Balashvili

    They copied eminem and jessie reyez “Coffin” audio🙃

  • sparkle lite
    sparkle lite

    I Love how no vocal coach channels notice the whistle notes at the end


    Feels like I'm happy being alone😍♥️

  • Moron TV
    Moron TV

    Heavy middle school vibes. I miss love music.

  • M Waleed
    M Waleed

    Can't stop listening to this song 🖤

  • Charisse Sanchez
    Charisse Sanchez

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="112">1:52</a> reminds me of another song i just cant put my finger on. its at the tip of my tongue. ugh. lol does anyone know what song im thinking of??

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour

      People who won't read this is want yall to stay safe btw DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AT THIS COMMENT BECAUSE THIS IS SERIOUS OK?!

  • Aarna Bhan
    Aarna Bhan

    I love this song! My all time fav!

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour

      So please stay safe... tank you

  • Usro mychanel
    Usro mychanel

    Stuck. ?

  • meme. n00r
    meme. n00r


  • Seleley

    Selenas gonna b mad tho

  • Gustavo y Raquel Natalia
    Gustavo y Raquel Natalia

    Haters 🤬😢 Beliebers and Arianators💘 I don't understant the people that dislike this song!!Is beautiful and is for charity 👏🏻😇

  • KimTaeJeansss

    whenever I play this as a music background when gaming, my friends sing along, “suck with you, suck with you, suck with you~”

  • Music Release
    Music Release

    Who agrees that it has the John Legend & Meghan Trainor's Like I'm Gonna Lose You vibe? 🙌🏼 🎶

  • 1rarewolf -
    1rarewolf -

    Ur song 💕

  • Syahidah Zainudin
    Syahidah Zainudin

    My fav solo male artist is: Justin bieiber My fav solo female artist is : Ariana Grande My fav boyband group : bts My fav girlband group : blackpink And my dream is I want all my fav idols collaboration together ✨

  • Malak Sayed
    Malak Sayed

    Ariana: stuck with boyfriend Justin: stuck with wife Me: stuck with phone MAH FAV THING IS PHONE

  • steven immenuell steven
    steven immenuell steven


  • varittha klahan
    varittha klahan


  • Jo Ker
    Jo Ker

    This got me chills

  • Meisha

    I'm stucking with my meow 😹

  • levanna marie
    levanna marie

    So please stay safe... tank you

  • levanna marie
    levanna marie

    People who won't read this is want yall to stay safe btw DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES AT THIS COMMENT BECAUSE THIS IS SERIOUS OK?!

  • adamscover Music & Trip
    adamscover Music & Trip

  • E V O J A K
    E V O J A K

    هـهـلو 🐸💔

  • アオちゃん/おうちでアオちゃん

    It's amazing that the number of views is so high. I can't even play 100 of my videos.

  • Elder Rivera
    Elder Rivera

    I hope he admits it, this Justyn spits on him and beats his fans the bad

  • Erika Wakefield
    Erika Wakefield

    Ariana : stuck with her boyfriend Justin : stuck with his wife Me : my cat

    • Love Gidget
      Love Gidget

      I feel that..

  • Houwa B
    Houwa B

    ariana- stuck with boyfriend and dog justin - stuck with wife and dog ❤️ me - stuck at home laying in bed watching movies alone

  • Maverick Niñeza
    Maverick Niñeza


  • ömer yilmazer
    ömer yilmazer

    • neejoy sola
      neejoy sola

      This song makes me feel so RELAXED 😌 I have no idea if that even makes sense 😂


  • Mohd Shafiq
    Mohd Shafiq

    i think this song will be better if Ariana & Zayn sang it because i think their voice perfect together.

    • neejoy sola
      neejoy sola

      they should date lowkey. 2 legends

  • anisha boby
    anisha boby

    Ari's voice came:i got stuck with her Justins voice:Still stuck with Ari...

  • Indra Dirven
    Indra Dirven

    I'm stuck with homework 😂

  • Cacau Meine
    Cacau Meine

    I made a cover of this song ♥ ️ Ari, Justin, I hope u see it, I love U ♥ ️🇧🇷

  • Teris Lorika
    Teris Lorika

    These guys should really do more songs together 🙂 hearing both their voices together brightens my day 🌄

  • Hayyo Kreatif
    Hayyo Kreatif


  • Lola Net
    Lola Net

    Les français vous dormez vous n’écoutez plus Ariana et Justin ou c quoi le délire ? 😂

  • Fauzi Trinanda
    Fauzi Trinanda

    mirip lagu Tulus Adaptasi.

  • CuteKittyxo

    Justin: Stuck with his wife Ariana: Stuck with her boyfriend Me: Stuck with 38 assignments and 17 online classes ;-;

  • Giulian Ballado
    Giulian Ballado

    Ari; stuck with boyfriend Justin: stuck with wife *Me: stuck with homework.*

  • Putri Saviola
    Putri Saviola

    Versi lokal: Tulus- Adaptasi

  • Fatima Mohammed
    Fatima Mohammed

    Ooh ooh I'm really loved this song Her voice is wonderful and his voice amazing I like the mix between them who's agree??

  • s a d t i m e s
    s a d t i m e s

    Finally a song which isn't about sex.

  • Osas Asoro
    Osas Asoro

    This song is so super cool love you Justin Bieber 😍

  • Unstalling

    they should date lowkey. 2 legends

  • Crystal Chang
    Crystal Chang

    This song makes me feel so RELAXED 😌 I have no idea if that even makes sense 😂

  • johndon45677 lee
    johndon45677 lee

    What a magical collaboration!

  • Margarita Karlopoulou
    Margarita Karlopoulou

    omg all the comments are the same we get ittttt

  • Paola Muñoz
    Paola Muñoz

    I cannot believe that for 9 years I have supported this man, he is very important in my life since I grew up with him, I grew up listening to his voice in songs. I still can not believe it, it is impressive to know that you already have a beautiful family that I love very much ♥ ️

  • Daania Zoberi
    Daania Zoberi

    This just explains quarantine right now

  • Andrew Protopapas
    Andrew Protopapas

    this is my favourite song ever i have a playlist on Spotify that has a hundred songs of just this

  • D infinite
    D infinite


  • Gabriela Rocha
    Gabriela Rocha


  • 이도원

    한국인 모여라

  • All straight men are trash & perverts
    All straight men are trash & perverts

    Guys please stream Rain On Me by Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande. k thx.

  • Under My Skin
    Under My Skin

    This sounds like Avril lavigne’s song “tell me it’s over” 👀 well the background 👀 (Edit: it also sounds like “love on the brain” by Rihanna, not hating just saying, still a good song tho)

    • Hendrick Louie Apique
      Hendrick Louie Apique

      I agree. Thanks for sharing. Ive been thinkin abt that this song is kinda similar to something.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres

    i love you

  • Sugely Trochez
    Sugely Trochez


  • Seira Bey
    Seira Bey

    Ariana: stuck with boyfriend Justin:stuck with wife Corona:stuck with making people sick

  • Gamercutie _YT
    Gamercutie _YT

    is it just me or does it sound familiar from a different song

  • Summer J Norris
    Summer J Norris

    Love this song so much when I was a little kid I loved Justin Bieber but I stopped listening to him for years until today this song popped up and I watched it so I think I'll listen to him again

  • 제시영TV


  • makai C
    makai C

    Beautiful. Just.. beautiful

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