Bride Wants A Dress That Makes Her Chest Look Flat | Say Yes To The Dress America
Say Yes to the Dress
This bride has an uncommon wish when it comes to her chest area: she wants it to look flat in the dress!
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  • A

    I love the dress she chose. It seemed classy and elegant and just perfect on her

  • abc.

    omg the first dress is a beauty omg

  • Marylen S Bulsao
    Marylen S Bulsao

    I'm crazy about the first dress! Randy's dress is sooo amazing and dreamy

  • Willene Dsouza
    Willene Dsouza


  • Anonymous

    I liked the first one more but it’s her wedding. She seemed so happy with the second one so it’s perfect for her. Some girls wanna be more modest in their weddings and that’s totally fine. I’m happy for her.

  • CJ

    80% of my d cup friends want to be flat. I am d cup, my favourite cup size is B.

  • alexandra clark
    alexandra clark

    I also know how she feels with wanting the flatter chest illusion. I also agree my dream body is a flatter chest and stomach obviously and I just feel like I would look better with that. BUT she literally looks perfect

  • ScissorLuv

    The first dress is stunning.

  • Onehottherapist

    1st dress: Boobs look like a B cup 2nd dress: Boobs look like D cup. 🥴🥴🥴

  • nut meg
    nut meg

    i love how supportive her friends are

  • The Tiller Willer!!!
    The Tiller Willer!!!

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear something modest

  • jieun kim
    jieun kim

    She’s so pretty

  • Lilly Carr-Mosert
    Lilly Carr-Mosert

    This is random but... Where did the entourage get the frickin pom poms?!

  • Lucía Mateos
    Lucía Mateos

    I think the entourage were just tired hahaha

  • Igor

    she sounds like a Karen...

  • Wowineed Severalpainkillers
    Wowineed Severalpainkillers

    I don’t this she wants to “look flat” it’s just she doesn’t want that much attention on her boobs on her wedding day

  • Tori Z
    Tori Z

    Beautiful dress!


    I keep thinking of Rachel seeing her

  • Patricia Cooney
    Patricia Cooney

    So basically you want to look 12? Also your boobs looked bigger in the second one... But I am glad she found something

  • Aditee Mishra
    Aditee Mishra

    I love these new episodes coz they're more positive, have really pretty dresses and less drama.

  • Val .s
    Val .s

    I looked up the 1st dress bc when i saw it i was like that's my future dress. Keep in mind im nowhere near from being engaged.

  • A C
    A C

    Hah I know them haha! They’re from the DC area from the Redskins cheerleaders hehe

  • Relentless Ruthie
    Relentless Ruthie

    She’s very pretty!

  • S S
    S S

    The first dress was pretty but it was not for her. She looked unsure in the first dress. I LOVE the second dress on her. For people wondering about my she was a "flatter" look is perhaps not because she is insecure but alot of communities (like mine) prefer modest clothing, where an eye is not attracted to the your lady parts xD but to a person's face, their eyes and smile. She picked the right dress!

  • Imke

    Well I liked the second more :)

  • Sanny SO LUCKY
    Sanny SO LUCKY

    She had the best dress ever... Not sexy...

  • Valerie Breda
    Valerie Breda

    That first dress she came out in was so pretty. Idk why she thought the dress she chose wasn't basic.... cuz it was VERY basic

  • zye

    "Bride wants a dress that makes her chest look flat" Me when i buy clothes

    • Blue Moons
      Blue Moons


    • Elise Birk
      Elise Birk


  • Juli K
    Juli K

    she looked stunning in the first dress 👗 the second one wasn't really flattering at all it was too plain

  • txnygirl

    So she's may be a b cup? Eyeroll.

  • azzykel

    I want to look flat too .. even tho I'm flat idk it makes dressing easier

  • numo dumo
    numo dumo

    She looks alot like constance

  • Alex Larson
    Alex Larson

    Dude, I wish I could be that pretty. She looks good in all the dresses!

  • Zabane Khadijah
    Zabane Khadijah

    The first one is just ugly didnt look great on her the second one is not bad

  • melissa soriano
    melissa soriano

    I'm surprised that it's the first time randy has heard a bride say she wants LESS cleavage... I can't wait to get a double mastectomy or a severe reduction 🤷🏻‍♀️ I hate cleavage on me

    • Radwa Hussein
      Radwa Hussein

      I would want less cleavage too. I would rather prefer people focus on me on my wedding day rather than my body.

  • Katelyn Bartley
    Katelyn Bartley

    Is anyone else picking up major leo vibed from her

  • JiMaine SPark
    JiMaine SPark

    She’s so pretty, she reminds me of Constance Wu from Crazy Rich Asians.

    • Stephanie Audrey
      Stephanie Audrey

      JiMaine SPark this is the comment I’ve been looking for!

  • JiMaine SPark
    JiMaine SPark

    She’s so pretty wth

  • YongJie Yang
    YongJie Yang

    Her entourage is awesome

  • Spyer

    all the girls are so pretty... 🌸

  • printedtea

    So high maintenance. 🙄🙄

  • Jules Bruyn
    Jules Bruyn

    She so clearly has an eating disorder it makes me sad

  • E Si
    E Si

    I wanna look flat too!

  • Laura Connolly
    Laura Connolly

    The second dress was way better on her! Idk what yall are talking about in the comments! Also she is so cute and fun


    I love this show but now it just makes me a bit sad, I just had my wedding and during the dress fitting I had nobody to go with so went with my to be husband and his spinster aunt who got crazy jealous so I just chose my dress without anybody’s feedback 😞

  • Laura Zaetz
    Laura Zaetz

    The second was more beautiful after the tulle was removed.

  • Nana Na
    Nana Na

    Everyone is talking about the dresses and no one talked about how beautiful she is

  • Medha Mukherjee
    Medha Mukherjee

    I wanna see her groom. Because she is so picky and has bad taste too.

  • manusia pendosa
    manusia pendosa

    But the 1st dress is gorgeous on her

  • Jessa

    She's so pretty, I'm sad she's not confident(?) She could pull off any dress and look stunning.

  • Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the Dog
    Abaddon the Cat and Sevilla the Dog

    Went from the most gorgeous dress to the most basic wedding dress. And lol... did she just call her wedding a wedding event? Did I miss something? Is she just got to an event or getting married? I missed something

  • Fajer Jassem
    Fajer Jassem

    The first overskirt dress was realllyyyy pretty!

  • Natalie Sings Sometimes
    Natalie Sings Sometimes

    She reminds me of London from suite life lol

  • Sydney

    I love the dress she picked is so pretty

  • Nicole

    i feel like she just wanna look modest in her wedding dress thats why she wanted smth thats not emphasizing her chest

    • cătălina teodora
      cătălina teodora

      Idk about her, but I sometimes wanna look good and show more because I have a big chest, but when I wear something like that, I just feel uncomfortable and wish I was wearing something that just makes me feel good, to give me the confidence to enjoy myself=) I also want to get my breast smaller in the future. Idk if it's just me, but maybe she feels the same as I described it.

    • The Tiller Willer!!!
      The Tiller Willer!!!

      Nicole for real. I understand that not every woman doesn’t want to show off a lot, being a girl who wears hoodies 😂😂

  • Jo&

    Bride looking like Jessica Huang from "Fresh Off The Boat". The friend in blue looks like Phoebe from "Friends".

  • Seraphina Green
    Seraphina Green

    This girl reminds me of Lana Condor 😍

  • Shaila Mohamad
    Shaila Mohamad

    I relate so hard at wanting to look flatter lmaoooo

  • Linh Tran
    Linh Tran

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> "iNtReStInG"

  • Shilpa Acharya
    Shilpa Acharya

    Did she say "fat"?? From which angle lol??

  • SharkChan _Gacha
    SharkChan _Gacha

    Did they bring pom poms-

  • audgechew

    I get the want it flatter thing, some ppl find if it looks flatter feels more classy

  • Rojina alm
    Rojina alm

    But the first dress was amazing

  • Alana *
    Alana *

    Where did the pom poms come from??

  • Linda German
    Linda German

    I have no patience for this girl...I'm addicted to seeing bridal gowns

  • lina

    did anyone else notice the “is that allowed” and “what do you think” lol she’s a walking meme

  • blueskies


  • vyomini chintakindi
    vyomini chintakindi

    the bridesmaid is the blue jumpsuit looks like gabbie hannah?

  • Diana Martinez
    Diana Martinez

    Meh, I'm pretty flat chested and don't mind it. I find myself a bit disgusted when I wear a bra or shirt that gives me cleavage.. makes me thing of grime and sweat, and food stuck down there...

  • Sophia Fisk
    Sophia Fisk

    wait ain't nobody gonna talk about the pom poms🤣

  • Apps Chatterjee
    Apps Chatterjee

    Who is that boy with long hair in black dress i never saw him 😍😍😍😍

  • Zøe McGowan
    Zøe McGowan

    This first one is bomb

  • Shannon Lam
    Shannon Lam

    when they cheered w the pom poms🥺🥺🥺

  • Hannah Cracknell
    Hannah Cracknell

    No white white colour or strapless..... ???

  • Erin

    My first thought was that the first dress was better but I think the second dress was the right choice. When she tried on the first dress, I saw dress first, and then bride. The second dress was also beautiful, but because it was less busy, I was really able to see how beautiful the bride is!

  • AC Payne
    AC Payne

    I can totally relate to wanting a flat chest cuz I'm really insecure abt my chest being bigger for a 13yo, but just curios....Did anyone get weird vibes from the consultant. Like, notice he is always looking at her in the mirror or when she comes out in a dress, he's CONSTANTLY staring / steeling glances at her 😳, etc. he also was standing really close to her in the dressing room!!! That's just the kind of vibes I got and did NOT like it!! 😶😕

  • Meike Kroll
    Meike Kroll

    The 2nd dress made her look boobier than the first one

  • Justine x
    Justine x

    one day I would love to see someone say no when they ask the question....😂😂

  • alexis

    the first one made her look flatter idek why she chose that one if she wanted flatter-

  • Milk Mango
    Milk Mango

    My name is also Jacqueline, I’m also asian, but can’t say I ever wished to look even more flat than I am already 😳💀