Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]
Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

  • Khalid Askar
    Khalid Askar

    "Time Machine Gun Kelly" thank you for bringing back a golden era

  • Summer June
    Summer June

    So damn hot

  • pian war
    pian war

    Holy Fox😱😱😱

  • Mark Zamora
    Mark Zamora

    Lil Waynes rock song with Nicki Minaj is way better than this and its hella old ......dont quit your day job mgk......Meghan fox got u out here looking like more off a fool than u usually do ....

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez

    I dont Do fake girls but I'll take some of u tonight 🤟🤟🍆🍆

  • John Solobro
    John Solobro

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a> goals.



  • Bradley Hetrick
    Bradley Hetrick

    Mgk is the man!!!! 814 we got your back bro trailer park boys rep rep!

  • skullfrizz

    Quanto cristo è figa Megan..

  • Amirul Zaid
    Amirul Zaid

    She was in Eminem's mv, now on MGK's Megan Fox doesn't take sides.

  • Danger Russ
    Danger Russ

    15,411,059 of these views are for MEGAN FOX 🤣

  • External Shockwave
    External Shockwave

    GOAT 🐐 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nate Mendez
    Nate Mendez

    Such a good video

  • Nathan XD
    Nathan XD

    This music is contagious than coronavirus

  • Landon Hooten
    Landon Hooten

    My buddy made a song called my bloody valentine like last year lol

  • Davide Cerati
    Davide Cerati

    So amazing song 😍

  • F A D E D
    F A D E D

    At first I didn’t like this music but now i like it

  • Q Jilezz
    Q Jilezz

    Definitely woulda loved hearing this on at least one of the American Pie Movie Scenes 💯

  • Marc Lalo
    Marc Lalo

  • Marc Lalo
    Marc Lalo

    @Killshot .com

  • Old to New
    Old to New

    Sounds like I'm listening to Blink182 😂

    • Kieran E
      Kieran E

      Hahaha, definitely. That makes sense too as Travis Barker (Blink-182 drummer) is on the drums for this song & also an executive producer for this pop-punk record.

  • เบียร์ บ้านต้น
    เบียร์ บ้านต้น

    I like you very much. MGK. Although I am a Thai who does not listen to English. But I like your song a lot because it's very charming.

  • Beat maker
    Beat maker

    check this

  • Ari Vogle
    Ari Vogle

    Megan fox is old but gold

  • Izawary Ibrahim
    Izawary Ibrahim

    being diss by eminem....change genre how smart

  • Craig Tyrrell
    Craig Tyrrell

    Ehmm... Corey Taylor can sing, rap, scream... I think Corey is the best sorry to tell yh

  • Abu

    Lol wtf cringing hard with Meghan and Kelly

  • JaiL

    hot feet

  • Moncef Slim
    Moncef Slim

    I thought you are rapper

  • Bullet ant
    Bullet ant

    Kinda like early 2000s rock. Has he got any other songs like this cause I’ll defiantly give them a listen

  • Gory

    Pause video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> ur welcome

  • joseph dixon
    joseph dixon

    Way better then ninja turtles. Their I said it. He saved her career of looking hot. 😂


    rate Nas-Made You Look (remix)

  • Homeslicehero

    If I was 12 I might like this song But at 12 I was way into Korn. So probably not

  • Amanuel Takele
    Amanuel Takele

    This is exactly what we nedeed Thanks man Lace up

  • Soykan Soycan
    Soykan Soycan


    • Sir Dimi
      Sir Dimi


  • Johny

    MGK rock star 😁👍💪☺️

  • Vesperia

    Machine Gun Pop

  • Boogie Funk Productions LLC
    Boogie Funk Productions LLC

    Well at least he found something that Eminem isn't going to be able to beat him at.

  • Melanie Spencer
    Melanie Spencer

    Garbage 🗑

  • Faustino T
    Faustino T

    Back to singing after being murdered by em. Bye Stan.

  • Tessa Hedrick
    Tessa Hedrick Check out the cover my friends did of this song!

  • SmAsh RG 4WD
    SmAsh RG 4WD

    MGK enjoyed playing Tommy Lee so much he's moved into rock music. I really dig this, got a very Blink 182 sound to it (yes I know Travis played drums on this)

  • Ryan Murchake
    Ryan Murchake

    This song sounds like it should be on the intro for blue mountain state 🤣

  • James Ridgeway
    James Ridgeway


  • ok_iamhere ok_iamhere
    ok_iamhere ok_iamhere

    megan fox's movie called "jennifer's body" that was 10 years ago and she still looks the same?

  • Woodbreaker Productions
    Woodbreaker Productions

    What the fuck was that ? Early 2000's teenage emo pop. American Pie soundtrack ?

  • Diego ZR
    Diego ZR

    Bro u rap really good but pls stay in this genre it sounds so sick!!!

  • Connexxion Sl
    Connexxion Sl

    This is dump Eminem destroyed u .

  • Atlas

    I think this kind of music is the best for MGK, he is perfect, nothing to say to him lika a repper, but this song, is perfect.

  • Johnny Moniker
    Johnny Moniker

    When Eminem let's out a squeaker fart, his butt hole sound like MGK

  • Reece Taylor
    Reece Taylor

    Sorry but this lucky shits banged Grande, Sommer Ray and now Megan Fox

  • FBI

    Beat part <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="61">1:01</a>

  • Roner Nougat
    Roner Nougat

    What the fook a wanker/ trashbag like the first piece of bread from a loaf everyone touches it but no one wants it

  • Jonas Pundzius
    Jonas Pundzius

    Getting Aldous Snow and Infant Sorrow vibes here 😉

  • wowaweewa

    Omg what a terrible song but I like the clip lol

  • Mrs Max
    Mrs Max

    Русские тут ?

  • petey plastic
    petey plastic


  • Coleman 175
    Coleman 175

    Anyone that's ever called MGK a mumble rapper I would suggest they listen to songs like this and a pretty toxic revolver

  • Alex Gilmour
    Alex Gilmour

    Megan seems like she's having a lot of fun in this video. It's just the vibe I'm getting from her in this. She's glowing.

  • Frank Jaimes Gomez
    Frank Jaimes Gomez

    dang em really did end your rap career

  • Baker ,
    Baker ,

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> mgk simpin

  • Gabriella Herrera
    Gabriella Herrera

    This song is just glorious and his sound like 2000's. 😍

  • Luan de Wit
    Luan de Wit

    Blink 182 style, love it


    Reminds me of good charlotte 😂😎🙌

  • Tabby T.
    Tabby T.

    Hol up why he lookin good

  • Sammitch

    это спин-офф Оффспринг?

  • blacklevinae86


  • David C
    David C

    I am digging this. Bring it back!

  • Cameron Saylor
    Cameron Saylor

    Not bad. Catchy and totally influenced by early 2000's Blink 182.

  • Lungai Panmei
    Lungai Panmei

    This song is on repeat mode🔥!!! Wat bout u guys?? 👍

  • stephen armstrong
    stephen armstrong

    Where's your brother logan Paul XD

  • Mohammad Ibrahimi
    Mohammad Ibrahimi

    You asking someone to be your murder victim K? Your trippin

  • Ian Alexander orzet
    Ian Alexander orzet

    Like si buscaste al actor de the dirt y ahora esta viendo esto

  • Khumlo Zayn
    Khumlo Zayn

    Megan fox?

  • jonathan cadavid
    jonathan cadavid

    This is a song that sounds better when u replay it

  • rhs010

    Love the new sound

  • Mark Bolen
    Mark Bolen

    Mark Bolen loves Jennifer Marcum

  • Aleean Daze
    Aleean Daze


  • Jonsy Grizzly
    Jonsy Grizzly

    Why can’t people just accept his talent, instead of comparing him. Let the man create. Don’t shit on him for doing him.... I’m just saying...

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