NETTA - Cuckoo (Official Music Box Video)
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Personal management by Nadav Gesundheit
Artistic & Musical Director: Avshalom Ariel
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  • Valentin Köhler
    Valentin Köhler

    Underrated!!! She needs a Label who pushes her Europe wide

  • stefan land TM
    stefan land TM

    I love your natural voice ❤❤

  • Ghassan GN
    Ghassan GN

    Perfect song Without spending any monny❤️

  • Ramtin Tavakoli
    Ramtin Tavakoli

    Is she Asexual?

  • E n r i q u e
    E n r i q u e

    I ' m l i k e a b i r d i n a c a g e 😖 i felt that

  • Lucas VOQ
    Lucas VOQ

    melhor música que eu já ouvi na minha vida, me fez sentir mais próximo da Netta.

  • Mitsuki Orochi
    Mitsuki Orochi

    It seems so hard cuz she is sing ing a ballad to the music while spinning it with her arm fastly out of tempo.

  • Y2PAY

    she sounds english but she isnt NOICE

  • Karin Sauer
    Karin Sauer

    I looooove

  • Alee Tee
    Alee Tee

    I really had to cry while hearing that emotional song. So beautiful.

    • Alee Tee
      Alee Tee

      @Netta ♡

    • Netta

      thanks so much! I cried making it.

  • Josie Butler
    Josie Butler

    This is so beautiful and timely 💕

  • guy zahor
    guy zahor

    there's a line but i don't feel nothing shouldn't it be but i don't feel anything or i don't feel a thing? cuz i don't feel nothing means you actually do feel something

  • thodoris tsopanelis
    thodoris tsopanelis

    Netta you are the most beautiful creature and your song cuckoo is perfect omg

  • Martin Bronstein
    Martin Bronstein

    Sending love from australia. I love ur music NETTA love u so much

    • Netta

      Thanks Martin ,never been in Australia take me!

  • Coki Saganias
    Coki Saganias


  • Ido Zahavy
    Ido Zahavy

    וואוו, ביצוע מדהים ומרגש, יותר טוב מהשיר הרגיל. יש מצב שאת מעלה את זה גם לspotify?

    • ליאב אלמליח
      ליאב אלמליח

      היא אמרה שזה יעלה בקרוב

  • Katalin Sztojka
    Katalin Sztojka


  • Joseph Sweet
    Joseph Sweet

    So beautiful I cried so hard

  • Evelina Vlaikidou
    Evelina Vlaikidou

    It's the first time I am seeing another option of Netta and that made me cry😊 . You are very emotional and very beautiful ❤. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I love you Netta 😭😍.

  • הילה רובינשטיין
    הילה רובינשטיין

    Wow! You’re so amazing

  • SoloDolo

    This performance came out of nowhere for me. I'm watching Eurovision and it's all fun and games and then suddenly here's Netta punching me in the gut with a fist made of soundbeauty.

  • בר דבוש
    בר דבוש

    מהממם מי מישראל?

  • viola frera
    viola frera


  • Ethan Jefferson
    Ethan Jefferson

    Can u make those boxes to sell cuz I wanna buy one!

  • Ethan Jefferson
    Ethan Jefferson

    Beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eric R
    Eric R

    My bf just sent me this song and now Im like WTF what did I do?

  • toxigenic

    Netta, that was so beautiful! I was mesmerized from start to finish. The idea of singing to a music box is so unique and interesting. You are an amazing singer and composer. Much love from the US.

  • Kuba to ja
    Kuba to ja

    The most beautiful song I've ever heard ❤️❤️

  • Funneh Fan
    Funneh Fan

    Netta this is an amazing so more songs like this I hope you see this😀

  • Filippos Doukas
    Filippos Doukas

    its been a while since i pressed the like button

  • Coty May
    Coty May

    OMG SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING. Wow can not get enough

  • Jack

    I love this, i just don't get the breadstick part tho

  • Янина Янинна
    Янина Янинна

    волшебный голос!!!!

  • Yankees Slime
    Yankees Slime

    You go Netta❤️

  • Maayan .N
    Maayan .N

    ככה את באמת מרגישה כרגע או שאלה רק מילות השיר?

  • Adam Trojak
    Adam Trojak

    you sound like Tori Amos in it :)

  • Iris Aviv
    Iris Aviv

    זוועה. הרמה צוללת עם השירים המעצבנים... לא לעולם חוסן

  • kbrigsby61

    hmmm.... not bad. kinda like it.

  • Yasashi Tokushu Sei
    Yasashi Tokushu Sei

    This is a beautiful A Capella Song, I love the fact of the comforting Pajamas as a comforting senario, the Music Box is extremely soothing as if a Lullaby. I personally percieve the genuine tremble of Nett's Voice is a sign of genuine emotions, most Artists have no unmitigated Audacity to be brave enough to be raw with their Music, this is a perfect example of an Individual which is vulnerable, yet places their utmost to provide Music to the World. To question Love is an aspect I process everyday, this is the struggle which most People endure, I am definetly Cuckoo in regards to what Love generates.

    • Netta

      thank you for this comment. it means the world to me

    • Yasashi Tokushu Sei
      Yasashi Tokushu Sei

      I appoligise once again I replied from my Educational ILsoft Channel I plan to create, however I do appoligise once again for forgetting the letter A for Netta. Possibly Nett could be a pleasant thought of caatching Butterflies of a Melody, because your Voice soars.

    • Yasashi Tokushu Sei
      Yasashi Tokushu Sei

      I appoligise for not including the letter "A" for Netta, I honestly hope I was not offensive.

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi

    💝 I'm happy to hear a Netta's calm song. I love all her lyrics, even freaky rhythm but sometimes we need a touch of sweetness ❤️

  • Meeg Tho
    Meeg Tho

    crying at 2am after breaking up after almost 4years while listening to this song be like: 😗✌🏻

  • Derpaaull


  • דניאל טביבי
    דניאל טביבי

    נטע הגדולה, איך את יודעת להפתיע כל פעם מחדש, זה כשרון, כמה מתיקות יש בשיר הזה, כמה צדדים יש לך,נהדרת

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      I love it. 💜💛🖤 Amazing Netta.

  • Marysh meh
    Marysh meh

    I love you too babe 💘💞

  • Капитан

    Девочка начинай худеть!!! Песни из кроватки- ожирение.

    • Marysh meh
      Marysh meh

      Да она не сможет похудеть, потому что ее тело само такое красивое

  • Riki Kanterovitz
    Riki Kanterovitz


  • הדר זכריה - Hadar zecharia
    הדר זכריה - Hadar zecharia

    נטע את קסם

  • joparekh

    260 000 views only?!!!!!!

  • monika laosi
    monika laosi

    I really need this version on spotify😍❤

    • ליאב אלמליח
      ליאב אלמליח

      It will be soon

  • Kristoffer Meyer
    Kristoffer Meyer

    I need this on Spotify! Absolutely love this 😍

  • Polina Desnitsky
    Polina Desnitsky

    I've been waiting for her to go back to her original style she has. Genius per usual ❤

  • Potato Cream
    Potato Cream

    *2018 Netta: chicken sounds* *2020 Netta: Music box ( softly )* *Wow, that changed!*

    • monika laosi
      monika laosi

      This on Spotify pleaseeeeeeee

  • manuel castillo
    manuel castillo

    omg this is so beautiful!!!!!!! i can not stop listennig to it.

  • GA gunshooting
    GA gunshooting

    Love your voice in this song...need more like this.

  • Sharvam Shadow
    Sharvam Shadow

    Phenomenal voice....

  • Pieseł Alternatywka
    Pieseł Alternatywka

    Polish blood, yeah!

  • מרקו התאבד
    מרקו התאבד

    והקליפ בכלל!!! איזה כיף לראות גם צד אחר שלך בחדר יפה (בלי?)יותר מידי תפהורה, גרמת לי לצפות לדבר הבא הלוואי והוא גם יהיה בסוג של סגנון כזה

  • Lynsey S
    Lynsey S

    I love it. 💜💛🖤 Amazing Netta.

  • Glorious Keels
    Glorious Keels


  • Glorious Keels
    Glorious Keels

    this might be my first best song she made im not saying her other ones are not amazing i like toy bassa sabba and the one were she was holding the coke

  • Glorious Keels
    Glorious Keels

    this song is so sad but amazing im crying im a bird in cage and im going Cuckoo Cuckoo this is amazing

  • Yo soy la princesa Comprende mis white lines
    Yo soy la princesa Comprende mis white lines

    OMG This beautiful voice😍

  • SR_ beauti
    SR_ beauti


  • alida flus
    alida flus

    For all those who gave dislike, do you feel cuckoo?

  • Mikołaj Bittner
    Mikołaj Bittner

    this is so beautiful, I wish u all the best

  • 컨쭈


  • Ravinjay Kuckreja
    Ravinjay Kuckreja

    This on Spotify pleaseeeeeeee

    • ליאב אלמליח
      ליאב אלמליח

      Will be soon

  • Elian Zilzer
    Elian Zilzer


    • alida flus
      alida flus

      really want a music box version on spotify i love this version so much wish i could just put on repeat with out haveing to click on a video over and over again

  • Tammy Ferguson
    Tammy Ferguson

    Hands up who cried when they first heard this!... I'm overdosing on this right now 😭😭😭🌈💗 100% GORGEOUSNESS!!!

  • שרה מצקין
    שרה מצקין

    סוף סוף שומעים את הקול המדהים שלך!!!! כאלו שירים את צריכה לשיר

  • אפרת כהן
    אפרת כהן

    Omg !!

  • Racooonito Wilson
    Racooonito Wilson

    Masterpice. I really love this version of the song. Can I buy it somewhere??? Pretty pleeeeaze add it to the iTunes-Store... Hugs from Frankfurt, Germany.

  • סימה מורדוב חזום
    סימה מורדוב חזום


  • moomoo !!
    moomoo !!

    i adore you and your work. you’re so talented!!

  • Trick

    sweet you

  • Bruno Silva
    Bruno Silva

    Wonderfull! kisses from Brazil!🇮🇱🇧🇷 The Best voice!

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour

    The song started and I could hardly believe it was Netta, it was soooo different from her previous songs. Different and heartbreakingly beautiful! Love it!

  • Aura Chnl
    Aura Chnl

    I adore you Netta! Love from the US! ♥

  • Adryan Sousa
    Adryan Sousa

    Nossa...ficou incrível ❤💕 Que voz linda❤ desejo tanto sucesso pra essa mulher gente👏😍❤🇧🇷

  • Yseult McLaughlin
    Yseult McLaughlin

    Please put this version on spotify! I would love to add this version to my spotify :)

    • ליאב אלמליח
      ליאב אלמליח

      It will be on Spotify soon

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