What Will Happen To The LOSER Of KSI vs Logan Paul
Andrei Terbea
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KSI and Logan Paul are finally having their long awaited boxing rematch on November 9th and after almost two years of back and forth, press conferences and video responses, they will once and for all find out which one of them is the better boxer. Both of them have said they will knock out the other one, both say they will make a meme out of the opponent. KSI says he will knock out Logan Paul, Logan says he will knock out KSI, but after November 9th there will finally be a winner and a loser. In this video I want to take a look at what happens to the loser - how the internet will react to seeing one of them taken down. I think it's an interesting question. Not who will win, but who can handle the loss better? Joe Weller made a video addressing this topic, saying that long after he lost to KSI he is still being ridiculed and trolled by KSI fans. We can see how ILsoft boxing is not at all the same as regular boxing, because in traditional boxing the loser is still treated with some respect. In ILsoft boxing, the fans are much more vicious and tend to raise the winner up and put the loser down.

  • Andrei Terbea
    Andrei Terbea

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    • frank Vogel is better than ty lue
      frank Vogel is better than ty lue

      Nah you can do it if u want

    • frank Vogel is better than ty lue
      frank Vogel is better than ty lue

      Make a video on the fight NOW

    • The Big Quack
      The Big Quack

      The loser said he sneezed three times and made all manner of excuses

    • sheik Mabalatan
      sheik Mabalatan

      KSI will win

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    gastonnn A

    He predicted the loser

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    lazy mich

    2:26 guess what sport exists Chess-boxing

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    Julian Pagan

    Logan will lose oh wait he did

  • Mr.Anymous wrtw
    Mr.Anymous wrtw

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    i’m thinking KSI by split decision

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    The Reaper

    Ksi is gonna win

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    Ethan_ McFly

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    The real winners are the ones who watched the fight through a mans glasses

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    luptatoarea Lorena Lorypanait

    KSI has won

  • Dan Holio
    Dan Holio

    The Paul Brothers - King whinners that sneezed 3 times but are actually good at math

  • JEFFY123

    Who's here 2020 👇🏾


    The loser will sneeze 3 times

  • Balloboi 0
    Balloboi 0

    Ksi:I want to make him a meme Me:he already is

  • Santo Cutri
    Santo Cutri

    Who’s here when Logan’s appeal got denied

  • James _hockey
    James _hockey

    That wasn’t joe weller I watched the vlog

  • Yad Majid
    Yad Majid

    Ummmm I’m not from the future definitely not and not seen KSI won but I think ksi wins

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    Gamingwith Octopus

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    Shammi Akther

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    Shammi Akther

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      Anything You want

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      My name is Kieran 13

      Anything you want

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    please make a video about the tools you use...please don't lie to us because of sponsores

  • Bardia Tohidi
    Bardia Tohidi

    Who is here when Logan paul’s appeal got denied

  • ExJoyconツ

    I like how last fight they said the fight was rigged, and now that KSI won they think it was clean. I bet if Logan had won they all say its rigged

  • Wilbite

    You Russian?

    • My name is Kieran 13
      My name is Kieran 13

      Wilbite Romanian

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    Can’t think of A channel name right now

    2020 anyone

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      Can’t think of A channel name right now

      January 3

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      Currito 101

      Yeah me it's January 2, 2020

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    Abdi Games

    Ksi wins

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    Gourmand_ 77

    ksi would take the loss better btw i wathed the fight in the future bye bich

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  • Zlex


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    hamsa abdi

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    I rewatched this video after the fight to get a new perspective

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    Ninja Starlight

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      My name is Kieran 13

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    Didnt happen

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    syonide forever

    Well, Logan has already made excuses. Also, let’s go champ, KSI

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    Ryan Pateman

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    KK Koranteng

    I think the title should rather be “How Logan Paul will handle the loss”

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    Ethan Ebanks

    Ksi is winning

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    stearnal reaper xD



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    Jai Masson

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      gaming earthquakes

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    Jai Masson

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    If anybody of them loses they become a meme

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    Let’s go champ

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    King Chris

    WELL so Logan can't accept REALITY tho

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      jaden b

      Oh well its easy to let one thing consume you

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    sub 2 freshi

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