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I awoke this morning love laid me down by a river.
Drifting I turned on upstream bound for my forgiver.
In the giving of my eyes to see your face.
Sound did silence me leaving no trace.
I beg to leave, to hear your wonderous stories.
Beg to hear your wonderous stories.
He spoke of lands not far or lands they were in his mind.
Of fusion captured high where reason captured his time.
In no time at all he took me to the gate.
In haste I quickly checked the time.
If I was late I had to leave to hear your wonderous stories.
Had to hear your wonderous stories.
Hearing your wonderous stories.
It is no lie I can see deeply into the future.
Imagine everything you're close and were you there to stand
So cautiously at first and then so high.
As he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky.
I bid it to return to hear your wonderous stories.
Return to hear your wonderous stories.
written by: Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson: Vocals
Steve Howe: Vachalia, electric guitar and vocals
Chris Squire: Bass guitar and vocals
Rick Wakeman: Polymoog
Alan White: Drums and percussion
Going For The One was first issued as Atlantic #19106 (7/7/77)
Album recorded at Mountain Studios , Montreux, Switzerland.
See YES on Tour in 2014 performing 3 full-length albums:
The Yes Album, Close To The Edge & Going For The One.

  • João M. Ribeiro
    João M. Ribeiro

    I listened to this song on the day of my grandfather's funeral, needless to say I cried like a little kid remembering him telling his wonderous stories. I'll miss you forever grandpa but you'll always be part of me.

  • Michelle Collins-betz
    Michelle Collins-betz

    Who’s here because they still love Jon Anderson? Oh just me then, 40 years of sheer bliss

  • Linda DeSanto
    Linda DeSanto

    Gives me the chills still to this day

  • strictlynorton

    Chris Squire R.I.P. A giant of his craft and an essential component of the classic Yes line up. Wonderous Stories was a truly sensational record.

  • Mick Nordström
    Mick Nordström

    Chris at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:01</a>

  • Krachen Ford
    Krachen Ford

    My wild youth . . . remembering it, makes me sad and happy at the same time.

  • Felipe Córdoba
    Felipe Córdoba

    Suscribo todo lo que ha escrito bangott1962, punto por punto.

  • John Richardson
    John Richardson

    The word you are looking for is: Musicianship

  • chris lingre
    chris lingre

    hugely underrated band and musicians. . . thank you, Yes. :)

  • Barbara King
    Barbara King

    A magical song fro a truly magical time....those were the days!

  • Keith Rader
    Keith Rader

    saw them live in Seattle on the going for the one tour.....glorious.....squire...wakeman...all of them....

  • jane pollock
    jane pollock

    I was a punk rocker in 1977, but still loved this song. lol

  • Elijah Eubanks Blake
    Elijah Eubanks Blake


  • Elijah Eubanks Blake
    Elijah Eubanks Blake

    We r Elijah

    • Elijah Eubanks Blake
      Elijah Eubanks Blake


  • Elijah Eubanks Blake
    Elijah Eubanks Blake


    • Elijah Eubanks Blake
      Elijah Eubanks Blake

      Ok No ok ok no no yes No Yes No no no no no yes no no

  • Miroslaw Holubczak
    Miroslaw Holubczak

    miód na dusze...słucham i podziwiam codziennie

  • neumar santos
    neumar santos

    i from brazil , i love yes

  • sgdhoschi

    YES is awesome!

  • Patricia Gonzalez
    Patricia Gonzalez


  • Frank Barnwell
    Frank Barnwell

    And Steve's sisters Portuguese guitar

  • pragmatic reaper
    pragmatic reaper

    listening this from indonesia. definitely 60's music is more wonderous than 2020

  • james robert
    james robert

    Why is this lip sync ?

  • sally-ann harris
    sally-ann harris


  • C M
    C M

    It is no lie, it is no lie, I see deeply into... my past. 😍🙏

  • geordie114

    To the young people that are listening to this for the first time enjoy. And also to you and the people of my future who are enjoying this, My heart goes out to you all for missing out on in my opinion the 1960`s-->1970`s two of the greatest decades for Innovative Music and highly talented and in many cases highly Intellectual musicians who had to work hard from the bottom to achieve what they wanted, unlike the conveyor belt of cloned Simon Cowell show throw away music that has stifled more deserving musicians in favour of regiments of Jelly Baby Boy and Girl Bands.

  • Alan Peel
    Alan Peel

    Every Supergroup Has A Classic.This is Sensational.How DiD Rick Wakeman Do That!

  • William Grant
    William Grant

    I remember buying the album lying in the dark and just being transported to wherever, Wonderful

  • Sioux Easley
    Sioux Easley

    I have loved Yes since my first concert in the round in Houston's coliseum in 1978. I knew, even then as a 14 year old, that this band had brains. Since then, I developed a love for those smart rockers like Geddy Lee....I have to admire a musician that can also write. Yes is my favorite band of my entire life; that is saying something.

  • Richard Schadler
    Richard Schadler

    Saw YES for the first time in 1972. I'm 70 now and have seen YES many many times.this is still the best line up of musicians they ever had. Back in the days when music was great

  • Mascha Ran
    Mascha Ran

    Timeless ❤️

    • Darell Tupper-Carey
      Darell Tupper-Carey

      Totally timeless amazing!!!

  • Mark O'Connor
    Mark O'Connor

    Steve seems so disappointed at the end, like why did it have to end.

  • Rodney Cooper
    Rodney Cooper

    Born in 1945 can say that this track must take its place as one of the finest pieces of popular music ever written or performed. Know we all hear things differently but this is magic.

  • KT123Caton

    I have always listened since 1973,In my bones unfortunately,I hope you have the same joy i have had for the last 50 years.Gl all and look after one and another

  • Boulanger Guimarães de Oliveira Ferreira
    Boulanger Guimarães de Oliveira Ferreira

    Rick Wakerman da um show de solo no teclado . Fantástico .

  • peter dockrill
    peter dockrill

    Remember in 77 buying this album with my first wage

  • Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson
    Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Prog classic.

  • martin redfern
    martin redfern

    What a beautiful song, i love Yes :)

  • uzpuz


  • Joel Kavanagh
    Joel Kavanagh

    jk , ... love from partly lockdown berlin mitte

  • Catherine Ratel
    Catherine Ratel

    mon adolescence bercée par Yes, Genesis, du pur bonheur

  • sylva christiaens
    sylva christiaens

    Live top 😘🎸❤️❤️🎸😘💋

  • RamessesIX

    They're all laughing like they realize there is no "e" in "wondrous", but it's more artistic this way.

  • kris har
    kris har

    Lord of the ring is nothing compare to this

  • John Q Taxpayer
    John Q Taxpayer

    I miss them tremendously

  • Max Björses
    Max Björses

    Without doubt one of those songs you accidentally stumble across and makes you happy for the rest of your life having found it. Tremendously beautiful!

  • Larry 25
    Larry 25

    Glory to Jesus!

  • Nigel Richmond
    Nigel Richmond

    I sat with friends for hours listening to music like this. Sharing our thoughts and opinions. We stared at the LP cover over and over again. Each time discovering an unnoticed fact or piece of art work. Those were wonderful times. I am so grateful I am the age I am. Just remind yourself of the choice of music we had back then? The modern generation has the technology. We had timeless music. I know which I prefer.

  • em jay
    em jay

    I'm speechless whenever I hear this. Just watching each one of them do what they do so brilliantly is why they'll always be my favorite prog band!

  • Lia stel
    Lia stel

    Forever YES ✌️🎈💕🎈💕🎈💕🎈💕🎶🎧🎶🎧🎶🎧📺📀💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏🎈🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

  • raffa22 lozano
    raffa22 lozano

    My favorite group. I've been following them for 48 years, since I listened to Fragile. I got goosebumps listening to this song .........

  • tom KIFER /
    tom KIFER /

    Мой любимый альбом у YES (1977) - Going for the One! Будучи в Швейцарии, в Монтрё, специально посетил собор (увидел орган), где записывали этот диск. Намоленое место! Там жил и умер Ф.Меркури. Deep Purple здесь родили "Дым над водой". Да и музыкальные фестивали всегда были отменные! Считаю "Awaken", из этой пластинки, самой высокой вершиной Арт-рока!

  • Arthur Riggs
    Arthur Riggs

    Beauty Absolute. The Divine channeled through called musicians. Thank you Jon, Chris, Steve, Rick and Alan.

  • jdsalinger73

    I discovered Yes because of their beautiful album art on Union 1991. No one else in my high school even knew who they were, much less appreciated them. I just enjoyed the beautiful melodies without really even appreciating how complex & artistic each musician's parts were Every song brings back memories of enjoying Camel light cigarettes while doing farm chores. Don't judge! I was 18 yrs old. = )

  • Paul McAteer
    Paul McAteer

    I remember this so clearly. I was 14 and my older brother played it over and over again. I had just got into cycling with him and getting my first bike sorted. What an amazing time.... Beautiful day's....

  • elektrykbestia

    Great song from a great album

  • Miguel Angel Lugo
    Miguel Angel Lugo

    "I have to hear your wonderous stories" - Me singing to Yes-

  • lina

    why is the bloke who sounds like he has been kicked in the nuts wearing a ladies dressing gown ?

  • Emilio José Guimaraes
    Emilio José Guimaraes

    This is the Yes Jewel of the crown ! Best song ever! I love these seventies videos. The whole band together playing their instruments and singing. That’s all we want to see!

  • Luis el observador
    Luis el observador

    la escuchaba en rockoteca 1280 en las madrugadas de rock donde la cualidad era escuchar el albun completo tiempos aquellos de apreciar la musica rock y yes lo ponian todos los fines de semana

  • Guitarra Eléctrica
    Guitarra Eléctrica

    Belleza de canción, Yes una de las grandes bandas de rock progresivo, junto con Génesis, Pink Floyd, King Crimson y Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

  • Rob Whitton
    Rob Whitton

    Pure class simple as

  • Tippersnore

    But that spelling mistake!

  • Miro Jr
    Miro Jr

    I´m listening.

  • Twin Lovers
    Twin Lovers

    Favorite Yes Song

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson

    HA a 1977 music video. Wish they just did a live version.

  • 724058230

    i am racist

  • DarrenBonJovi

    Chris Squire's bass playing is mesmerising

    • Sully Sullivan
      Sully Sullivan

      Rip Chris

  • Galva Ms
    Galva Ms

    Soy chileno pero crecí en Cuba, había un programa de una radio y allí escuche esta canción, debe haber sido 1978, me enamore de esta canción, desde entonces me produce cosas maravillosas y les agradezco que nos hayan regalado toda su obra, gracias


    Quel merveilleux organiste !

  • 18165paolo

    Che meraviglia questo brano.....

  • Johannes Lickmylongswordenauer
    Johannes Lickmylongswordenauer

    Chris looks kinda like an old lady in this one

  • Den Boe
    Den Boe

    Truly wonderful song in "Wonderous Stories". Can't wait to get back to Grandfathers story telling time. He says "please come back again as soon as you can". Through the gate and to the man. To hear. "Hearing, hearing. hearing".

  • advocate for speech
    advocate for speech

    Undoubtedly, their best album, and a beautiful song from it!

  • Bob McK
    Bob McK

    This never gets old, ....unlike me !!!!!!!!

  • Анатолий Тихонов
    Анатолий Тихонов

    Rock in the Vienna Opera!

  • derek banks
    derek banks

    keyboardist is freakin bach!!!!!

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Love this song

  • Joey Benoit
    Joey Benoit

    Self Realization!!!!!!!!!! Jesus said LOVE THY LORD!!!!!!!

  • Joey Benoit
    Joey Benoit

    BHAKTI YOGA!!!!!!!!!

  • Joey Benoit
    Joey Benoit

    HE IS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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